Landscape has been a rich source of inspiration for Melanie since her childhood in the North Yorkshire Dales.  

Her landscapes, painted in watercolour, have an abstract quality and are characterised by their loose fluidity in capturing the quality of light.  The seasons and their impact on landscape bring continual interest to Melanie, and she finds the bare bones of winter landscapes particularly inspiring.  

The Cotswolds Hills that surround her home are now her main source of inspiration, although she enjoys painting other parts of the country.  Galloway, Kent, Somerset and Yorkshire all feature in recent work.
Winter light across the Evenlode Valley Winters Reach  Late afternoon light through winter
cherry trees trees at Batsford 
Amber light, late afternoon winter, Cotswolds Winter Vista through trees  Early Spring light
Winter Light Into the blue
Evening sky from King Stone Farm
Winter Trees, Broadway Hill Tawny Edge Fiery Dusk
Winters Aura Bright Horizon

Melanie Wright